San Jose Party Buses

What’s Included in a Party Bus Rental

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for party buses and limousine rentals. So what do you get when you rent a bus or limo for your holiday party? For starters, you’ll have the most fun of the night, of course! We’ve been doing this for years, and we know what you need to make it work for you. So we put together a list of the essential things you need to include with your holiday rental, and how much they cost. From the basics to extras like live music and hot tubs, there’s no question what you’ll be getting on your party bus or limo rental for your big day!

Does it Come with a Driver?

Most party buses will include a driver, though some can be hired as part of the rental package. The price of the bus and driver vary depending on the size and amenities of the bus. Most party buses can hold about 25-30 passengers. The size of the bus depends on how many people are going to be inside. Larger buses are usually less expensive. If the party bus has a driver, he or she will typically arrive at the party location along with the limousine service.

How Long Do You Have the Party Bus For?

Most party buses are booked for a set amount of time, depending on the destination. Most of the time, the longer the party bus is booked for, the higher the price will be. Party buses typically rent for the night, though you can also rent for multiple hours on the same day.

The Size of the Party Bus

The size of the bus is another factor you have to consider when you rent a party bus or limo. If you’re looking for a party bus to transport a large group, then you’ll need a bigger bus. The size of the bus you rent will depend on how many people will be riding inside it. Most party buses can accommodate at least 20 people.

Is there a Bar on the Party Bus

A bar is usually included in the package for a party bus rental. The size and selection of the bar on the bus will depend on your needs and the number of people that will be in the party bus. Some party buses come with a mini-fridge and bar area, while others will have a full-sized bar. Some parties can include a DJ and dancing as well. So, it’s all up to what you want on your party bus!